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It took me 5-7 minutes to drive to lake Louis to see dawn in early morning. This place is perfect for people who are involved in the Batak means of stay. She will introduce you to the dayly life on the farm. She will cook dinner for or with you the contemporary harvested vegetables and fruits like freshly harvested fried candy potatoes.

After Tomok following the Beach Road to the south till the top. The Restaurant provides issues recent cooked out of the backyard.

But this was the place, where the Bataks elect their priest king, where was the choose, the place have been the essential conferences and where the young boys meet the girl in full moon nights to process the rice. There is the massive rock, where all of the people across the space went to feel secure down underneath, when the dutch military got here. There is a flying stone, the individuals could fly with earlier than the Christianize (imagine or not!) There is a cave from the lake up to the hills of Samosir. At the village down beneath, there are some people, they’ll present you the place, they also clean the paths that you can walk round. The folks care for the place and you should not go alone up.

Explore Lake Louise

But there is nearly now traffic and you have a wonderful view over the rice fields with a lot of tombs in between. In Silimalombu you’ve a Restaurant, where the folks cook issues out of the own backyard.

You can choose, what you need to eat and how you need it to organize. It is an open kitchen at a four m long desk, the place is getting cooked and eaten. Around eighty % of the ingredients come from fresh out of the garden or the lake. You can select between vegan or vegetarian, fish, lobster and likewise pizza, selfmade noodles, cinnamon roll and much more could be accomplished. Also you possibly can strive the self made Mango Sherry from the as much as 500 old Mango Trees of Silimalombu.

Ask someone there, who go together with you up and then afterwards give them around 50.000 Rp. From Tuk tuk you possibly can see a waterfall up the mountain behind you. In the town of Balige on the south aspect of the lake there’s a mausoleum to Raja Sisimangaraja XII and a big museum to Batak culture on the TB Silahali Center.

Local and indonesian food together with some German meals. It has quiet personal cabins on the lake or rooms with sizzling shower in beautiful traditional Batak homes. Friendly proprietor Mr Moon will sing, cook dinner, and go out of his method for you. A dark wood and bamboo bar/restaurant offers the place a relaxed feel.