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Pet owners may not be given primary information like price lists on-line and are not always informed of the value of treatment at a vets before agreeing to it, a watchdog has warned. Speaking to TODAY, Mr Ng raised other potential laws to improve pet welfare here, similar to ending “comfort euthanasia”, where animals are euthanised without different coaching or healthcare choices considered. For pet homeowners in Singapore, compassionate go away – or lack of it – may be the least of their worries for now. Private cremations and cremation with ashes collected by homeowners make up 20 per cent and 38 per cent of cremation services provided by Mandai Pet Sanctuary. A majority still opt for communal cremation, the place the ashes are scattered in a communal burial floor. About 40 pet house owners buy these kits in Singapore annually, stated Ms Sharifah Khairiyah Syed Mohamad, director of Singapore and Malaysia at EasyDNA.

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University college students in Bristol say volunteering to look after dogs has boosted their mental well being. Our ancestors could have saved foxes as pets lengthy before domestic canine, archaeological proof suggests. Older television units triggered …